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Lizs Asiago Parmesan Artisan Bread

Lizs Asiago Parmesan Artisan Bread

This bread is out of this world! A Fannie named Liz came up with this, and we can’t get enough. With our names being Liz and Lizi, it was just too perfect to not include Liz in the title!

The sharpness of the cheese mixed with the warm, crunchy bread, is a match made in heaven. We find ourselves wanting to make this all the time now!

We like to cut the bread into bites for dipping! Try mixing extra virgin olive oil with our favorite Balsamic Vinegar (Napa Valley Oak Wood Ages Balsamic Vinegar). You can also serve the bread sliced and on the side of any entree. Even try making a sandwich with it! Honestly, anything you would put on as Asiago bagel would be delicious on it.

And one of our favorite things to do with the delicious bread is to deliver to a friend. Take it right out of the oven, still hot and wrapped in a cotton kitchen towel. You will be the favorite neighbor without question after such a delivery!

Keep cooking, your family is worth it!

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