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Not long after my parents married in 1970 my mom came up with a meal plan to help put dinner on the table for our family. She wanted it to be direct, easy, nutritional, budget friendly, stress free and liberating!!! She realized choosing a theme for each night made deciding what to cook each day so much easier!
She chose the following “Theme Nights”: Monday – Comfort Food, Tuesday - Italian, Wednesday – Fish / Meatless, Thursday - Mexican, Friday - Pizza, Saturday – Grill and Sunday - Traditional. This gave my mom direction and made it so easy for her to plan great nutritional and budget friendly meals on a consistent basis! After trial and error, she learned planning for 2 weeks was best, cooking 5 nights a week.
My Mom's Meal Plan soon became a lifestyle, and she was not only feeding our family wonderful meals, but she was enjoying the soulful time she found in food preparation. She also learned Dinnertime was the most important part of the day. It was a time where we came together to sort out and talk over the day, all while enjoying a good hot meal and good conversation. The time spent together became even more important than the food we were eating.
Today, I have taken the lifestyle of The Food Nanny taught to me by my mom and implemented it into social media. It hasn’t always been easy, in fact it’s been a ton of hard work and continues to be, but it’s worth it. Our goal is to help families understand the importance of family dinnertime while cooking “to die for” food! Anyone can do it if they have the desire! We understand family dinnertime is needed more now than ever because of the ever-changing world. We are here to help you connect with your family over yummy nutritional meals!